To obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil every moment of the transformation must be checked.
The extracting process includes different operations:

  • Leaf removal: the defoliation is made by an air aspirator
  • Washing: olives are washed with drinking water; washers are equipped with a nozzle sprinkler for the final washing, using tap water to remove any potential organic residues used in the plant connection.
  • Crushing: a mechanical crusher with hammer, operating at about 1400 revolutions/minutes, make an homogeneous olive paste
  • Olive paste kneading: during this operation the olive paste is kept in slow motion to facilitate the aggregation of the olive oil in drops at a temperature of 20-27° C about 30-40 minutes.
  • Separation by centrifuge: the olive paste, prepared using the kneading machine, is pumped into a centrifuge (decanter) in order to separate the solid phase (pulp, skin, pit) from the liquid one (oil and water)
  • Storage and decanting unfiltered olive oil: olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks, in storage facilities at temperatures between 14-20° C where the vegetal micro fragments tend to settle on the bottom of the containers after some time.
  • Filtering: after a period of decantation olive oil is transferred into dry and clean containers in order to separate the muddy sediment and filtered by cotton
  • Packaging: olive oil is packed into dark glass bottles of different format sizes and stored in controlled temperature facilities until consumption
  • Storage of filtered olive oil: olive oil must be preserved in fresh and dry environment away from direct light, at temperatures between 14-20° C



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